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Global Warming - Natural Solution

Posted on March 26, 2016 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (8)

We say Globe is warming

We live by saying Globe is warming

We live by reforming Global warming


We must know whether Global warming is in this entire World or in The Earth that we live.


As we live in The World, we say that warming level is changed and polluted only here and we also say about water scarcity, air pollution, soil pollution...... The basic reason for these are the exposure of waste water stagnation and pollutes air.


Advanced modern scientific discoveries is the reason for the creation of warming waste in our Earth. Further increasing human population is also a reason because it is needed to develop food, place, medicine, protection....... for people's life.


Life style is elaborated as the increase in population. That is education, profession, civilization, culture and the living place are also changed. Advanced modern technologies are discovered because of this.


The negligence created in purifying the wastes and pollutants created while using advanced modern technologies is the main reason for the Global warming. Further the usage of farmlands for Advanced technologies became reason for food scarcity to the living things and the humans. Usage of artificial fertilization in food production created disorder in human health. To reform this even in medicine chemicals were used and advanced modern medical methods were created. Further health started to destroy by the dominance of chemicals even in the illegal drugs which is used to seek happiness in unwanted actions. Because of this environment gets affected. Not only for illegal drugs and food but also for grandeur, artificial things were created to protect food and medicines for long period of time. Further the number of users of illegal drugs in and near toilets were increased. Like this people were supposed to live even in the places drainage flowing. Not only these disorders but also the wastes from firms and the waste & pollutants from vehicles becomes reason for the creation of great dangers. Further the wastes exposed from testing nuclear weapons and the wastes exposed while using weapons during wars become reason for natural destruction. Very important reason is that the aerial path for aviation is set near to the ozone layer. Further nature gets effected by breaking the mountains, by destroying forests and damaging the living places of living things. Because of these reasons purification methods in nature gets affected. The joining of scarcity in purification of humans and nature becomes reason for warming.


If this is the action done in Earth, the dominance of warm wastes exposed in other planets by the researches are being increased. Countries are competing to send satellites to other planets. While satellite pass, the spare parts falling from the satellites and the heat wastes exposed from it affects the aerial space.


Humans are living based on Nature. As Nature is basic living source, it is needed to be the lover of nature. Must also continue to live as the lover of Nature. As not like that, it is bad to show aversion and irritation on change of temperature. Mental power is considered high in man power. Getting aversion and irritation on Nature through our mental power cause great damage to the nature. The basic reason for the creation of these many wastes by man are jealousy, aversion, understanding.........


Person hating maternity gives poisonous waste in birth to the world

Person hating nature gives poisonous waste in life to the world

Person not purifying the artificial wastes gives the wastes to oppose the life of world.


What is the solution for this......

"Lets create the situation of living the life by the joining of living things, nonliving things and the artificial things."


Love the Nature

Think to live nature.


Thanks to The Universe Creator.


Posted on February 2, 2016 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (7)


• Consume the food prepared proper and fresh.

• Consume the medicines on advice of the doctors.

• Avoid fear about the disease.

• Don’t get contrary at disease curing time.

• Sufferer must keep himself clean (bath and brush twice, change fresh dress)

• Keep the surroundings around the sufferer clean.


• Avoid unnecessary medical check-ups

• It is well to consume needed (digestible) level of strength food.

• Take needed level rest.

• According to the need, do exercise.

• Avoid contrary with the family and surroundings (in profession, neighborhood ….)

• Wear comfortable dress

• Apply Neem or Castor oil throughout the body to protect the body from mosquito bite.

• Keep the surroundings of the house clean.

• Avoid the fear.

• Morning and evening pregnancy ladies can consume triphala medicine (3 grams) mixed with some water as medicine. (Can take triphala even while consuming medicines prescribed during pregnancy)

• If skin is affected, pregnancy ladies can apply triphala mixed with water.



• Feed the food by knowing child’s hungry

• Give medicines in time properly.

• Keep the surroundings of the child clean and happy.

• Don’t expose child’s impact in words.

• Give exercise knowing the body function of the child.

• Dispose the excretions of the child immediately.

• Take care of the child with love and smile.



• Give needed rest to the eyes.

• Avoid seeing Bright lights.

• Avoid giving more hours work for the eyes.

• Don’t stand in smoky and hot places.

• Don’t rub the eyes often.

• Around the eyes wash with hot water and wipe with clean cloths.

• Don't take spicy foods.

• Consume chiretta water.



• Avoid brinjal, chicken, dried fish and tamarind gravy in food.

• Wear comfortable dress.

• Don’t disturb the colour changed skin or blisters with nails.

• Don’t use skin creams or lotions without the consultation of Doctor

• Morning and evening apply triphala medicine mixed with water. Keep it for 1 hour. After 1 hour pour some water, leave for some time and then wash it and wipe with cloth. And then apply coconut oil.

• Must apply coconut oil on blisters.



• On the pain, give poultice with hot water.

• Morning and evening apply (at least 1 hour) gingelly oil on the knee by heating slightly.

• Avoid gastric items such as egg, cabbage, plantain, potato ……

• Avoid unnecessary body actions (walking, doing body exercise without knowing the method).

• Don’t use any medicine without doctor consultation.



• Chiretta water is medicine for everyone affected by Zika Virus except mother feeding ladies.

• Avoid unwanted talks while consuming food or medicine.

• It is must to bath twice. Before consuming liquid or solid food, gargle your mouth and drink some water.

• It is well to avoid illegal drugs and smoking on knowing the important of body’s health.

Thanks to The Universe Creator.


Review on Human's life

Posted on February 2, 2016 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (6)

In human’s life, human’s body is affected by many sufferings such as,

• New and many varieties of disease

• Many varieties of tiredness

• Consuming many varieties of medicines and foods

• Involving in many methods of intercourse (homosexual method, contrary methods, involving by consuming illegal drugs ………. Because of this oneself is affected and also creates the weak generation)

• Consuming many varieties of illegal drugs

• Living in surroundings such as in the smell exposed from many varieties of wastes, waste water ………

• Living in different temperatures

• Consuming medicine before doctor consultation

• Diseases created by not protecting The Nature.

Scientists and Doctors get amazed on testing the human’s body. They get amazed that, how his body got such a disease. They get distressed on finding solution for some diseases. If we know the sacrifice of those in medical department (who works a lot to reform the affected body), we will pray often that “Oh God, give them still more energy, let them pave way to make the human society to live well.”

Scarcity in healthy will be created in human’s life step by step like unhealthy people, impairment in brain development if we create the situations of impurification of wastes that spread hazardous disease by mosquitoes and creates the place for not only Zika Virus but also Virus to live.

America President Mr Barack Obama asks women to postpone pregnancy until 2018. This gives chance to protect human generation and also gives awareness for human health. This mentions that we have to be developed in the fundamental things of human’s life.

As said by The America President, in this two years, lets remove the disease by protecting the health and by releasing ourselves from wrong living methods. Lets pave way to create healthy generation and happy life method. Lets reform and make the life well to live without the approach of not only Zika virus but also all virus.

I wish to present my wholehearted wishes to The American President Mr Barack Obama.

Thanks to The Universe Creator.