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World is functioning by Jeevan
Jeevan is functioning by Jothimayam God
Sivamathi's Jeevayogam giving these as Yogam with Grace.

Jeevan's Yogam is Jeevayogam. That is Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.

Arts of Yogam (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)

Yoga source for the arts
Arts source for prosperity
Jeevan (bio) source for life
Creator of the world source for life.

Jeevayogam leads to know The Jeevan and the creator of the world.

The Creator of Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam

Founder & Chairman


Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Organization is created for announcing Jeevayogam to this World. This organization introduces Jeevayogam to this World for World people to learn Yogam and to get best through it. It provides best services to the society with great social responsibility and it has also certified ISO 9001:2015 (QMS).

Sivamathiyin Jeevayoga Jothimayam Trust has been created for All people with Soul to Know The Jeevayogam. It works with Great Service Intention. It serves with wholehearted Happiness for Development of Humanity by keeping Love and Spiritual Bliss as Center. It is being a way to give the spiritual awareness, to provide proper advice, to guide the human beings to live happy.

"Let us know The Universe Secrets"

Let us Regard The Captain of Heros to see wealth in life. (Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam)
Spiritual Of God Line, Yoga - Soul Contact And meditation by Sivamathi

Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam

Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam keeps Jeevan (Soul) as main. Jeevayogam makes to know The Universe Secrets through explaining The Jeevan.

Complete Yogam

To complete The Yogam, To Focus World to Great stage by Joining Spiritual and Science, To know the contact of Nature and Artificial by each person, To complete The Life as Supreme Bliss by knowing and Attracting The Abirudhu Neuron - Gravity Power of Living and Nonliving things, To live by loving The Human society by knowing directly The Contacts among Soul, Mind and Siddham, to live for Generation and Generations I felicitate by Living and By Guiding.

Message to be known from Jeevayogam

By Jeevayogam, people can know about three types of contacts that are self with oneself, self with Universe and self with The Universe Creator. We can also know about our Soul Body functional structure and also about great purpose of our creation. Further, we can know everything from his Soul Body to The Universe Creator who created us.

Jeevayogam Announces,

* Abirudhu Neuron - Universe Gravity Power Contact.
* Contact - Soul to Body, Soul to World, Soul to God.
* For All Universe Contact.
* God Yoga, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.
* Human Rights to Uplift The Society.
* Supreme Spiritual Awareness.

Abirudhu Neuron - Universe Gravity Power Contact

For us to get our complete power, we have to know the methods that join us and The Universe. To know all needed things known in the divisions, Living and Nonliving, Let us know through Abirudhu Neuron and live Supreme Bliss.

Abirudhu Neuron created by Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam.

Abirudhu Neuron
Living & Non living contact

Contact - Soul to Body, Soul to World, Soul to God

Truths that are needed to be known by Universe.

The Contact in Soul to Body, Soul to World and Soul to God is explained in simple way understandable on Science and Spiritual basis. Through Live* Breath we are guiding to live Pleasant in any World.

For All Universe Contact

Person known The Siddham becomes qualified to live as Peak.

"Let us know The Siddham - Let us live as Peak."

Purify The Siddham daily.
Let us get clarity in thinking.
Let us get Victory in Action.
Let us guide by living as peak.

God Yoga, Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam

Let us know The Yogam to live as Yogam. Let us guide to all those people willing to live Great by living with fulfillment and by knowing the unknown Jeevan, Mind, the method of living anywhere in The Universe, Universe Creator who created The Universe and also to know the born cause.

Human Rights to Uplift The Society

"World is running by The Words
Says Vedas."

Person known The Words, knows the living methods. In the disclosure of Five Sense Organs, Words only guide to live till The World is there.

Words - Human Rights

Let us respect The Human Rights - Let us live Eminence.

Supreme Spiritual Awareness

The Person who knows The Awareness lives with Supreme Bliss. Even in it, if the person knows Supreme Spiritual Awareness, man can live as human till The Universe is there.

Let us know The Way and go in the way.
Let us live with inner happiness by removing pain with Light's (Knowledge & Spiritual Wisdom) support.

"To Join with The God
To Live Pleasant
Pleasant Congratulations."

Learning Jeevayogam

We will learn with teacher
We will learn with learning method.

 Shape in world
 Movement of shape
 Adjust of movements
 Run of adjustments
 Contact of running
 Share of contact
 Modification of shares
 Analyze of modification
 Share of analyze
 Maturing (maturity ) of shares
 Make of mature
 Make, of the God - know
 Learn. Happy to learn.
 Make the learning as duty.
 Announce to all world members(living beings)
Full knowledge - that is
Glittering in full knowledge,
Join to learning
Getting God bless.

Yogam is made complete through Sivamathiyin Jeevayogam. Soul Body World contact method and Creationism functioning method is explained completely.

"Let us know properly, perfectly and completely"

For further details contact the following people

Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

Founder & Chairman
Ph. +91 9443938409, +91 4344244409
Jeevayogam Creator & World Guider

Kannan M K

Joint Secretary & Trainer
Ph. +91 9443598919

Thanks to All & Thanks to The Universe Creator.